Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy


‘We should be as the compass that goes round its circle without stirring from its centre.  Our centre is God, from whom alone all our actions should spring as from their source.’
(Catherine McAuley)

Spirituality has many expressions and this is reflected in various forms of ministry.

At Thornhill Ministries a team offers a variety of responses to those who hunger for meaning… for God… The Team provides opportunities for reflection and for deeper exploration.

Adult Faith

Prayer Guidance

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Other forms of Ministry in the area of Spirituality include:
• Preparation of adults for Baptism and for reception into the Church
• Assisting with the preparation of children for Confirmation
• Retreat work
• Supervision of people in the ministry of spirituality
• Ecological awareness raising
• Personal development programmes.


Miriam Mc Gillis, of Genesis Farm, USA, visited Derry in 1992 and her input contributed greatly to work, already in process, of awakening people to earth/planetary consciousness. The work of educating in this area continues with the on-going provision of day/weekend/weekly seminars for adults. These centre around the emerging world view of our connectedness with and interdependence on the total web of life; self-esteem, focussing on emotional development and self-awareness; Tai Chi, which promotes holistic health, as well as physical exercise, and other awareness- raising and self-knowledge courses.

Additionally, several workshops have been offered to the public about the “New Evolving Consciousness”, and these have been enthusiastically received. It is hoped that sufficient interest and awareness will have been generated to present one or more related workshop/seminars to a wider public during Derry’s Year of Culture 2013.

Circle of Mercy

Through the Circle of Mercy, the life and spirituality of Catherine Mc Auley is opened out to our lay colleagues. As members of the Circle, Sisters and colleagues together seek new ways of living out the compassion of God in the 21st century, valuing prayer, mutual support and service. ( Members are also enabled to learn about the work of Sisters of Mercy and their colleagues and associates worldwide.(

The following photographs give a flavour of the Recommitment Ceremony held annually at local level, and at a plenary level every third year in Castleblayney, Co Monaghan.

These symbols are an expression of each local Circle’s understanding of where it is at this point in time.


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