6 December 2016

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  • Bushypark Addiction Treatment Centre 1991 – 2016

    Back in the seventies, Social Workers and other staff working in Clarecare became aware that many of the problems they encountered as they worked with families were alcohol related.

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  • Catherine McAuley and the Jubilee of Mercy

    The announcement of a Jubilee year of Mercy caused a wave of excitement around the Catholic world and none so more than among members of the Sisters of Mercy and their collaborators, associates and partners in ministry.

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  • Closing a door

    I am reminded by Mary Wickham, rsm, in her poem The Door of Mercy that ‘The Door of Mercy is double-hinged, swinging in, opening out, sturdy, yet easily moved’.

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For all we need to pray for at this time

  • Sr. Joyce Oluoch

    The desire to commit myself to a life of prayer and service to the poor drew me to religious life. After secondary education I began to search for a congregation that would help me realise this desire for my life.

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