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Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

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Hearers Of The Word – Praying And Exploring The Readings For Advent and Christmas: Year B

By Kieran J. O’Mahony OSA

In Hearers of The Word – Praying and Exploring the Readings for Advent and Christmas: Year B Kieran J. O’Mahony OSA continues from his series of Year A, with commentaries on the readings for the liturgical period from Advent to the 2nd Sunday of Year B.  The prayers and prayer guidance that he provides allow for a multi-dimensional understanding of the Gospel in terms of their historical and theological significance.

Kieran J. O’Mahony is well-known for his very popular Weekly Notes – an email resource for each week’s readings throughout the year.

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Hearers Of The Word – Praying And Exploring The Readings Lent & Holy Week:  Year A

By Kieran J. O’Mahony OSA

The growing hunger for the Word of God is an unexpected development in our time. This book sets out to nourish those who desire something deeper and richer than is possible in the usual setting of worship.

By exploring the context and background to all three readings, the author hopes to make the readings available for personal prayer and as a preparation for taking part in the Sunday liturgy. A very useful resource for all who wish to get more out the Sunday readings.

Fr. Kieran is very well-known for his regular emailings of resources on the readings. These are hugely popular amongst clergy and others. Now, for the first time, these readings are brought together in a series of books. This is the second volume covering Lent and Holy Week.

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Beyond The Crossroads

By Amy Hereford CSJ

Building on her previous acclaimed work Religious Life at the Crossroads, Sister Amy Hereford draws attention to emerging currents, particularly among the smaller cohorts of younger religious, to reflect on the ongoing meaning of vows, formation, community, and mission, amidst the rapidly changing currents in the church and society.

Although those in religious life today face an uncertain future, many things are becoming clear. As the author notes, “We know that we will be smaller groups and that our various networks will become more important. For this reason, we know that we will need different skills and that we will be less institutional and closer to those we serve. The seeds of these changes have been present for decades, and are becoming more important moving forward.”

Published by Orbis Books

Out Of Wonder

By Nellie McLaughlin rsm

In Out of Wonder, Nellie McLaughlin takes the reader on a journey through life in the universe, from its initial ‘flaring forth’ to the present day. In so doing, she presents a passionately argued case for the need to live in harmony with the earth, which has supported life for aeons. This updated edition includes a new foreword in which the author explores the context of her work in the light of the publication of Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’ landmark encyclical on the environment.

Published by Veritas Publications.

Implications For Religious Life

Seeing Christianity as a Religion of Evolution & The Implications for Religious Life: An Interview with Ilia Delio OSF

Published in LCWR Occasional Papers, Summer 2012

To read the paper, please click here

Life’s Delicate Balance

by Nellie McLaughlin rsm

In Life’s Delicate Balance, Sr. Nellie McLaughlin provides an impassioned companion piece to Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home which was published in June 2015. Following sincere reflection upon the text of Laudato Si’, Nellie exhorts people everywhere to pay heed to the pope’s call to save our planet from destruction. With core questions included for reflection and action, this clear and concise book is an urgent and timely wake-up call in its own right.

Published by Veritas Publications

Candles In The Night

By Anna Burke rsm

Advent is a period of grateful anticipation and an invitation for Christians everywhere to spend time contemplating the profound gift of the Incarnation. It offers us the opportunity to develop our spiritual lives and to listen to our deepest longings.

Advent should not, as Anna Burke explains in the introduction to Candles in the Night, be spent impatiently ‘counting down the days on the calendar’, but embraced for what it is: a unique period in the Church year to prepare for the arrival of Christ.

The reflections in this book – which explore themes such as ‘waiting’, ‘giving’, ‘announcing’ and ‘transforming’ – are offered as a resource to be used during Advent, be it for personal use, prayer groups or otherwise. Each advent word invites us to behold the presence of God-with-us and to breathe in the holy breath. We will not ‘skip’ Advent. We will wait and watch as the rising sun comes to visit us.

Published by Veritas Publications.


Baptised and Sent:  The Church of Christ on Mission in The World

October 2019

This Guide which is the result of a wide consultation with local Churches, is intended to help us prepare and live the Extraordinary Missionary Month of October 2019. It is a gift made up of contributions from Christians all over the world and addressed to Christians all over the world.

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Glimpses of the Gospels

By Jack O’Mahony SJ – 16th September 2019

In Glimpses of the Gospels, Jack O’Mahony makes accessible to the ordinary reader, perhaps for the first time, the patchwork unity of the Gospel Story, tracing major themes, parables and moments across the Gospels

Glimpses of the Gospels: Theological, Spiritual and Pastoral Reflections by Jack Mahoney SJ is published in Ireland and the UK by Messenger Publications.


Pastoral Ministry in Changing Times
The Past, Present and Future of the Catholic Church in Ireland

By Aidan Ryan – 16th September 2019

This is an attempt by one practicing pastor in an Irish parish to understand the change that has come about in the life of the Catholic Church in Ireland. The author explores ecclesial change in Ireland with some reflection on the factors that caused it. He considers the sacramental life of the church and the present state of liturgy in Ireland. Toward the end of the book, Aidan Ryan discusses clergy morale and what nourishes it and what damages it. The book concludes with a look towards the future and what might be possible by way of renewal.

By:  Messenger Publications


By Thomas G Casey SJ

In Mary in Different Traditions – Seeing the Mother of Jesus with New Eyes we can learn to see Mary through the insights of other traditions and faiths. The book explores the insights of Lutheranism, Orthodoxy, Islam and Judaism, as well as the Eastern-rite Catholics.

The book is an imaginative exploration of these other perspective experiences of Mary and the stories they tell about her. If readers can learn to wonder anew about this woman from Nazareth, maybe they’ll find themselves enjoying the even greater wonder of her son, Jesus.

By:  Messenger Publications


By Denise Colgan rsm and Doris Gottemoeller rsm

This book tells the story of the formation and development of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, one of the largest congregations of women religious in the world. Strengthened by the down-to-earth vision of their Foundress Catherine McAuley the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas have been out and about exerting themselves on behalf to the Gospel and God’s people. Relying on God’s continuing help they show no signs of halting.

By:  Institute of Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

To read some excerpts from The Blessed Virgin Compared to the Air We Breathe’ in (GMH: Poems and prose ed. W.H. Gardner, 1963), please click here

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