Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Praying With Catherine McAuley

Venerable Catherine McAuley 1777 – 1841

Through her dedication to a God who is Mercy, Catherine McAuley became a woman of understanding, quiet confidence, compassion, strength and portrayed qualities which induced her companions to live her as a mother and revere her as a saint.  To them she gave the gifts of her heart:  love, sympathy, tolerance, understanding and forgiveness; gifts of her mind:  ideals, principles, purposes; gifts of the Spirit:  prayer, peace and a strengthening of faith, hope and charity.  She gave them her time, she gave them friendship, she gave them an appreciation for music, beauty and the finer things of life.  Above all, she taught them the simplicity of sanctity and she was their compass, directing them at all times to lead God-centred lives and to be true clients of Mary ‘under her sweet title of Mercy’.

Mary Angela Bolster, ED.
The Correspondence Of Catherine McAuley

Catherine’s Suscipe (spoken)

Catherine’s Suscipe

Mary, Mother of Mercy

Acceptance Prayer

Prayer for the Beatification of Catherine McAuley

Prayer for a Sick Person Through the Intercession of Catherine McAuley


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