Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Family Ministry

The main location for this ministry is the Family Enrichment Centre, Stranorlar, and Parentstop, Letterkenny. Programmes available at the Family Enrichment Centre include:

Individual and Family Counselling: this can help deal with issues such as family or health problems, bereavement, and issues in the aftermath of suicide and relationship difficulties.

Parenting Programmes: these are carried out over six week sessions to assist parents in dealing with ‘Communication’, ‘Self-Esteem’, ‘Resilience’ and ‘Behavioural Issues’.

• Skills for Life: this covers a broad range of courses such as ‘Heal your Life’, a workshop which enables participants to discover the mind-set that has limited their success in a range of fields.

• Suicide Prevention: this six week programme is aimed at providing an opportunity for participants to explore their attitudes to and understanding of suicide, whilst providing the most up to date information on this complex area.

Other Support programmes are available such as:
• The ‘Active Retired’ have opportunities for sharing life’s experiences, relaxing together, engaging in craft work.

• ‘Grow’ : a programme for those feeling that life’s problems are getting them down. The strength of this programme is the support members give to each other from their own experiences in matters relating to mental health.

• Alternative therapies of Reflexology and Reiki are available at an affordable cost.

Community gardening: this programme aims to help local people and local communities to create a healthier environment for themselves. Following a two year training programme, participants are offered allotments for planting their own vegetables.

Enjoying the gardening

Twinning with Nigeria: fund-raising is on-going to support the Mercy Mission in Nigeria. The focus is presently on assisting children who are malnourished, by providing meals in school; assistance for those people with Aids to access treatment. More recently, donations have been directed towards supporting the running of a Centre in Abuja for those living with cancer and also for the provision of outreach programmes.

In Nigeria

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Parentstop, located in Letterkenny, is a key facility where parents can avail of a free and confidential support service where they are afforded a safe place to talk about what challenges them in their role as parents and to explore ways of addressing these concerns. School staffs throughout the county can also avail of this support. As part of her ministry the Sister involved offers people various experiences to promote holistic living. This is available by request, in Glenties and in other towns in the county.

Relaxing after a session in Parentstop, Letterkenny

Parentstop, Letterkenny

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