Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Educational Support Programmes

School Feeding Programme

Due to the AIDS pandemic and poverty many children come to school on an empty stomach. It is not uncommon to meet children who are orphaned, living in a one room abode, travelling to school at 6.30am and remaining in school until 4.30pm without a morsel passing their mouths. Consequently, the Sisters of Mercy are trying to alleviate this situation in a small way. Breakfast is given to children in ten schools, amounting to about three thousand students per day. Many of the children come to school for breakfast and thankfully they are educated in the process.

Spiritual Education

There is a great need to co-ordinate the Catholic Teachers in the Mazabuka Deanery. This involves retreat work, three per year and the on-going formation of teachers. Prayer Guides are trained and ready to accompany many people in prayer.


Sponsorship is a very important contribution to education in Zambia. Over the years, the Sisters of Mercy have sponsored teachers, nurses, accountants, artists, police officers, priests, religious sisters and brothers. There has also been a young man sponsored in the medical field. Without this, many of these young people would have remained in the villages uneducated.

Infrastructure Development

To promote education the Sisters have built teachers’ houses, classrooms and a school. As a result teacher morale and student performance have been enhanced.

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