Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy


The Convent Chapel is frequently called a powerhouse of prayer. This beautiful facility is in constant use being open for:

The Convent Chapel

• Eucharist, morning and evening

• Monthly liturgy for the Indian Community

• Special occasions…anniversaries, celebrations and annual rituals

• Prayer groups

The Legion of Mary

The South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen

One Sister is a volunteer of the Caring Team at the South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen, as a Catholic Chaplain.

The Holy Trinity Primary School

• Annual liturgy and presentations for Holy Trinity School

Mount Lourdes Grammar School Crest

The students from Mount Lourdes Grammar School use the chapel frequently for liturgies, prayer experiences and sacramental rituals.

Retreat work, spiritual guidance, reflection days, liturgical talks, workshops are given by various Sisters at the request of individuals, communities, pastoral centres, spiritual centres and parishes.

One Sister facilitates the growth, development and nurturing of the faith by her contribution to the help and guidance given in St. Michael’s Parish Religious Bookshop.  Telephone: 028 66 324771.

St. Michael’s Parish Religious Bookshop


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