Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy


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Scripture Study Group in Peru

Circle Of Mercy – Our Wider Mercy Family

To “explore the creation of a wider Mercy family” the Circle of Mercy was set up in 2005 with the help of Sisters from the Northern Province. It is the coming together of compassionate people from different walks of life who, with Sisters of Mercy, wish to live the gospel according to the spirit of Catherine McAuley.

Its aim is to enable one other to come closer to God, to deepen our understanding of an integrated spirituality, to grow in compassion so as to respond with loving kindness to the needs around us.

Members agree to promote the Mercy Charism in accordance with their calling in life. They meet once a month.

Sacred Dance

In the words of the founder, Bernhard Wosien, “Dance Meditation/Sacred Dance is a stepping into stillness, where every movement becomes a prayer”.

In my experience dance meditation or meditation of the dance has certainly become one of my ways of praying and of coming into an inner stillness and silence. Our lives can be fragmented by the challenges of stressful living. Sacred dance can help bring about a greater integration and harmony between body, mind and spirit.

Sacred Dance St. Columba’s, Cork

Sacred dance has roots in the European folk-dance and classical traditions. As we dance together in a circle to beautiful and inspiring music, a sense of inner peace develops. We meditate as we move… we move as we meditate. Likewise, a sense of community, of togetherness, can also develop.

As well as offering moments of deep inner stillness and peace, dancing circles can be inclusive, enjoyable and… fun!

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