Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Ministry Of The Sisters In The U.S. Region

Sisters are involved in the ministries of teaching and tutoring in elementary schools and in religious education classes for adults and children.  We accompany people through spiritual direction, formal and informal, in diocesan ministries, in visitation of people in their homes and hospitals, and in direct ministry with those needing therapy.  Along with our presence, we are involved with many aspects of pastoral care.

In the wider community and in the parishes where we live, we join in works of mercy and projects. We contribute to the life of the parish, such as with small faith communities and giving retreats.   In addition, Sisters are involved in advocating for civil and migrant rights, for the homeless, and with issues around trafficking, racism and climate change.  We reach out in support to developing countries and to Mercy Housing.    As we age and move out of formal ministries, we leave ourselves open to respond in Mercy as the Spirit calls us.

This call is to one of accompaniment—walking with another on their journey. It is a merciful response and a call to collaboration.   It respects the wisdom and knowledge of the other, while at the same time offering from our years of experience, some form of empowerment and growth.

Our leadership style seeks to invite each Sister into responsibility for herself and for the Sisters in the region.  One way that it is expressed is through small groups meeting to reflect, pray, discuss issues and share concern for one another.  We try to live out of the truth that we are all interconnected and each holds responsibility for the whole.  This brings graces to ourselves and others as we move forward.

Today, as Sisters of Mercy in the  US region, we see ourselves as a merciful presence accompanying persons and the whole community of life.

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