Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Sr. Agnes Hunter – Kenya

In May 2014, l received replies to my request to take Perpetual Vows. I was very excited and at the same time grateful to God because he has enabled me to reach this far. I felt humbled because the Lord has been forming, transforming and preparing me so that l could be His forever. This took me back to reflect on my vocational journey.

The journey began from my village, when the desire to become a Sister was uncontrollable and the destination became the Congregation of Sisters of Mercy. In 2003, l applied and on St. Agnes’ Day the Vocation Director visited me and invited me to join others who were already having experience with the works of mercy. I came and l worked in one of the slum schools called Kayaba. It was a good experience and l decided to join the following year.

On 11th February 2004, l officially joined Postulancy and in 2007 l made First Profession. After the Profession, l was appointment to Chepareria Community. I enjoyed life in Chepareria working with all ages. I taught the nursery children, helped with Young Catholic Students in the secondary school, taught some subjects in the vocational training centre and fully participated in the church activities like choir, among others.

AgnesSr. Agnes Hunter

Two years later l was sent to Baraka community, where l was to start studies. I studied in the Marist International University College, a Constituent college of the Catholic University, taking a Bachelor of Education degree, specializing in Geography and Christian Religious Education. l loved it because those were my favorite subjects. Unfortunately, this is where my faith was tested. On 12th August 2011, l had been given all l needed for school which was to be opened on the 16th August, when l was in a fire accident that burnt my face and other parts of my body. I thought that was the end of life. My dream to start third year studies were crushed. Instead l ended up in hospital. It was the hardest experience of my life and one that I would not wish anybody to go through.

A year later, through encouragement and support, l went back to school but all was not well. The scar in the face developed keloids. The doctor tried to treat them using different means, including use of pressure garments and injections. Some parts responded and others resisted. He later decided to try an operation which did not work. Instead it created more scars in the face. Many questions arouse in my mind which l could not get answers for, but decided just to let go and let God.

Actually every incidence is a learning experience. The accident, however painful it was, became a learning experience. It gave me an opportunity to center my life on prayer, to be grateful to God and to remember that He is in every situation of my life, to appreciate community living and the congregation at large and give my life to God fully. Anyway, l later went back to school which l completed and on 23rd of May 2014, l graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree. Actually, to be a student sometimes is to be a slave of books and the stress of exams. In spite of everything l thank God to have finished successfully.

After my studies l was sent to Nakuru formation community house. l love the place, especially the labyrinth which l usually liken to my journey of life. In May 2014, l was to start teaching in one of the schools, when an unfortunate thing again occurred. l got another attack. l fell in the laundry and l broke my leg and dislocated my ankle. I could not go to teach as l desired but it is healing well. This has taught me to count everything as blessings rather than to complain.

I have now taken my Final  Profession vows.   l trust that the God who began the good work in me, despite everything else, He will accomplish it according to His will.

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