Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Children’s Grief Centre

The Children’s Grief Centre was founded by the Sisters of Mercy (South Central Province).  In September 2009 they assigned Sr. Helen Culhane, together with a support group of professionals to the task of developing the project. As a Sister of Mercy. a qualified social worker and psychotherapist, Helen worked with people who were struggling with issues relating to death, bereavement and palliative care. This included time spent at Milford Care Centre.

The centre is a support service for school-aged children and young people (age range 4 to 18) affected by loss through death, separation or divorce. It provides a safe and supportive place for children and young people and their families who are grieving.

This is done through one to one support, peer support groups, education and community education.  In their sessions, children have the opportunity to express their feelings through art, play, stories and most importantly by being listened to.

Our Values:

  • Caring Through Listening We give children a space to talk, share, ask questions and explore their emotions.
  • Safety Our support service is a safe place that helps children feel calm, secure and welcomed.
  • Non-Judgemental Our role is never to judge, sway opinion or arbitrate between parents. We are here solely for the children.
  • Acceptance We work with children across all backgrounds, cultures and religions.
  • Teamwork We have a team of professionals with a combination of skills and qualifications.

Bereavement can cut across children’s lives, affecting their schooling as well as their health and well-being, not just immediately following a death but throughout their childhood and beyond.  Children and young people also experience huge loss and trauma also following parental separation.

Today the Centre is well established within the Mid-West region, serving counties Clare, Tipperary and Limerick.  There is a team of 7 trained, part-time volunteer Support Workers and 1 full time Support Worker with experience in a diverse range of specialist fields including education, nursing, social work and psychotherapy.

Contact Details
Children’s Grief Centre
Ashbourne Avenue
South Circular Road
V94 A5NA




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