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Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Letters From Catherine McAuley

Catherine McAuley was declared Venerable, by Pope John Paul II on April 9th 1990

‘Your Ever Affectionate M.C. McAuley’ – was a CD which contained excerpts of letters from Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, 1778 – 1841 to various people.  The CD was launched at the Symposium ‘Getting to know Catherine McAuley’.  This CD is no longer available, however, the letters contained on it are available to read below, just click on the item you wish to read.

To listen to Track 7 from the CD, click here

Listing of letters that featured on the CD ‘Your Ever Affectionate, M.C. McAuley’

Chronology of Catherine McAuley’s Life
Letter to Sister M. Elizabeth Moore – January 13th, 1839 (p.179)
Letter to Sister M. de Sales White – December 20th, 1840 (p.332)
Letter to Sister M. Elizabeth Moore – October 18th, 1840 (pp 301-303)
Letters to Sister M. Elizabeth Moore – Thursday, March 19th, 1840 and Saturday morning, March 21st, 1840 (pp 258,259)
Letter to Sister Mary Joseph Joyce – October 7th, 1841 (p. 448)
Letter to Sister M. Elizabeth Moore – July 27th, 1837 (p. 89)
Letter to Dr. Thomas Walsh – February 4th, 1840 (p. 250)
Letters to Sister M. Frances Warde – October 25th, [1838] and to Sister Mary de Pazzi Delaney – November 15th, 1838 (pp 159, 166)
Letter to Sister M. Catherine Meagher c. November 18th, 1840 (p. 322)
Letters to Dr. Andrew Fitzgerald, OP – July 1st, 1837 and August 8th, 1837 (pp 88, 90)

[The page numbers indicated above refer to The Correspondence of Catherine McAuley 1818-1841. Edited by Mary C. Sullivan, 2004 (Four Courts Press), from which the excerpts are taken. Copyright © Used with permission]

The CD was recorded and produced by Religious News Network (RNN), 36 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.

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