Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy


Celebrating The Year of Faith with the Holy Souls

Our Prayers For The Holy Souls In Millbury Nursing Home, Navan, Co Meath

Millbury Nursing Home, Navan
Millbury Nursing Home, Navan

It is with a great sense of solidarity that this special article is presented in mercy@live.  This is to show that the sisters in Nursing Homes are very much part of the Northern Province and the Congregation and that they are living active lives as far as possible. May God Bless them in all their undertakings.

Sr. Barbara Lamb, Health Care Team for the Northern Province


The Year of FaithThe Year of Faith

The Catholic Church has a special devotion for each month of the year during which we focus ourselves on the special prayers and varied devotions that are laid before us. We can also find other sources, books DVDs etc. in which to explore a particular devotion, and find out what it means to us, and how it might enhance our faith and our preparation for eternal life with God.

We received a prayer ritual for the Holy Souls from the Congregational Leadership to honour, celebrate and gain inspiration from the lives of our beloved Sisters, who have gone before us into Eternal Life.

Front Cover of Prayer RitualFront cover of Prayer Ritual received from CLT

There are eight Sisters here in Millbury, two Loretos and six Mercies. We got the idea to do the prayer service as a group and so invited the Loretos to join us – they were very happy to do so. Just to mention that we graciously got approval from the Manager, for which we are grateful, and we were kindly accommodated in a special room.

There was a large candle in the centre of the Altar-table, all Holy Souls were included in that, and on the right of this was a red candle for the deceased Sisters of Mercy, and on the left a red candle for the Loreto Sisters. Then there was allocated to each Sister, a smaller candle to help them remember in a special way their family members and friends. We started with a hymn, and each sister participated, by doing a scripture reading or psalm or intercession. We concluded with a hymn and afterwards were in good time for lunch.

Candles were used as symbols

It should be remarked that in the group of eight sisters there were five wheel-chair cases. We are very grateful to all the members of staff who helped us out in many ways. We deeply appreciate your kindness and co-operation

Thank you

Camillus O’Reilly rsm
Northern Province

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