Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Mercy Associates

An Overview

The Mercy Association is an association between the Sisters of Mercy, and women and men:

  • Who wish to deepen their Christian call to live the Gospel
  • Who wish to express a practical compassion, for the sufferings of others in this urgent time of human need
  • Who bring their different gifts to this relationship, and together find new ways of being merciful in the 21st century

Forms of Mercy Association

Some of the possible forms of Mercy Association are:

People Who Will Share In Mercy Through Prayer And Reflection

  • People who will share in Mercy through prayer and reflection and who will support all Mercy ministries and endeavours in this way

People Who Are Already Involved In Mercy Ministries

  • People who are already involved, or wish to be involved in Mercy ministries and who wish to share in and contribute to Mercy spirituality as Mercy Associates

Associates Who Want To Engage In Or Develop A Specific Mercy Centred Project

  • Young adults (or maybe not so young) who would commit themselves for a certain time to a specific project i.e. Mission Experience; Care of the Homeless, Drug Addicts,
  • Disadvantaged and the Earth; Alternative Liturgies; Justice Groups; Peer Ministry; Homework Clubs etc.

Associates Commit Themselves To:

  • Pray regularly
  • Seek an understanding of the charism of Mercy and compassion through prayer and reflection, on the Gospel and the life of Catherine
  • Promote the values of justice and compassion particularly in their place of work, or through a specific work or project
  • Attend regular meetings
  • Together seek new ways of being merciful for the 21st century


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