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The Sisters of Mercy have been involved in the area of home-based care for many years. HIV/AIDS is the greatest pandemic in Africa and its related infections are currently the number two killer of our people, malaria being number one.

There are many trained community-based caregivers who visit patients/clients on ARV/TB treatments and report back on a weekly basis on their progress. The nurse manages opportunistic infections and supports people with dietary supplements.
Those who are bedridden are visited once a week and those who are ambulant can visit and be taken care of. There are four outreach clinics within the scope of the Assumption Home Based Care Programme.
These clinics are far away from any health facility and having this service is a blessing for them.
All of the clients are HIV positive. When clients are in remission and are stable they are helped with an Income Generating Activity which aims to make them self-reliant and they can then be discharged from the programme depending on availability of funds.

Medicines and food are purchased in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia.



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