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Community Schools

Community Schools in Zambia are schools that were set up to educate orphans and vulnerable children. So far they are in non-government schools but soon we hope they will be fully integrated into the education system. The school in Ndeke Compound began because of the demand of the children for education. It started with a very small number and this year there are 711 enrolled. They follow the Ministry of Education School programme and sit the government exams.

The school caters for children from the local compound and follows programmes from grade 1-9. The children also engage in sport, debating and different clubs to suit all abilities.

The second Community School in Kaleya again started to accommodate vulnerable children who had no opportunity of going to school. The School started in the year 2000 with 30 pupils and this year there are 800 enrolled. They follow the government curriculum and sit the state exams.

Community schools have provided an opportunity for children (who otherwise would have no chance) to be educated. Kaleya Community School also caters for children from grade 8-9. All teachers in these Community schools are on the Ministry payroll. This is of great help towards sustainability.



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