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Children with Special Needs

Sisters are involved with Differently Abled Children organising workshops, seminars and clinics. ‘Eye Camps’ are also organised for adults and children in rural areas. Some people who thought they would never see again have had their cataracts removed and are very happy. In recent times the Beit Cura Clinic from Lusaka sent a team of medical personnel to Mazabuka to conduct a clinic for children with all kinds of disability. Over one hundred children attended from the local area and some have been referred to Lusaka for further treatment.

The Mazabuka Association for the Disabled is a voluntary group which meet monthly and is essentially involved in fundraising. This group assists children and adults with prosthesis, wheel chairs and materials for the Special Unit for the Disabled. It is currently sourcing land for a Special School for Children as the numbers are increasing all the time and the parents are eager to get help for their children.






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