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Journey of Exploration

At Gathering 2000, which was held in Limerick, Ireland, we committed ourselves as a Congregation to a JOURNEY OF EXPLORATION and we set out a number of themes for that exploration which include: -

Journey to Liberation

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In 2001, every Province in the Congregation held its own chapter meeting and came up with a plan for each province that reflected the Congregational Gathering of 2000.

We will make this journey by personal reflection and by engaging in conversation with each other. As this journey begins, each one brings with her the wealth of her own personal wisdom and experience. This will be the greatest contribution to the journey. The model is basically a theological reflection model of study, reflection, prayer and conversation.

The first conversation is an exploration of the heart of Mercy through study/reflection on :-

Catherine McAuley, Our Mercy Story, Constitutions of the Congregation

The second conversation is based on aspects of Theology and Spirituality which source our understanding and living in the areas of:-

Mission, Religious Life, Cosmology and Creation Spirituality,
Interfaith Dialogue, Feminine Perspectives


Fraynework Enabled