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Journey of Exploration Time Line

July 14th 2002

Congregational Leadership Team signals the intention to start the Journey of Exploration

Aug-Sept 2002

CLT communicates with Provincial Leadership Teams about Journey of Exploration

Sept 24th 2002

CLT launches the Journey in the Congregation
a) Letter of Invitation
b) Pack - Framework and Process Resource Materials

Oct 2002 - April 2003

Membership chooses Conversation Groups to reflect and converse on
a) Mercy Story
b) Aspects of Theology/Spirituality

May 2003

Group leaders return response sheets to CLT

June-Aug 2003

Responses collated and report to be prepared for Leadership Conference 2003

Sept 2003

(Leadership Conference) Presentation of Feedback
Agreement on next steps
Framework to carry next steps

Fraynework Enabled