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Mercy Mission

Ministry of Nurturing the Hunger for God

How will we nurture the hunger for God?
Chapter Statement 2006

Centred in the God of Mercy, we nurture the contemplative dimension of life, joining with others in the search for meaning.

As we nurture the hunger for God we will:

1) engage in courageous conversations about our understandings of God, our spiritualities and the diversity among us both personally and in community.
2) create healing rituals.
3) avail of centres or spaces for quiet and reflection, in different parts of the Province, for Sisters and others.
4) expand our website to include a database in the spirituality section to provide information for those who are seeking meaning in life.

In light of living in multi-faith societies we will inform ourselves about other religions and engage in interfaith dialogue.

We will continue to explore ways of supporting and resourcing faith formation.
Provincial Chapter Statement 2007

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There is a sacred space in Lorg De. In this sacred space, my hope, vision and mission is that the hunger for God will be nurtured in an atmosphere of contemplation and communion.

This is already happening through:

What I do:
Meditation groups
Centring Prayer
Lectio Divina
Creative Spirituality – Artists way etc.
One to one meetings

Literacy sessions with people who can’t read or write.
Money management with girls who need to develop that skill.
I bring a group of women with special needs living in sheltered accommodation out to socialise regularly.

Who I collaborate with:
Wellsprings outreach
St. Vincent’s residential centre
Guided prayer teams
Others involved in similar ministry

How poverty is alleviated through my ministry:
A number of people I accompany are materially, physically and emotionally quite poor.

How my ministry connects with Mercy vision:
I believe that the ministry I am involved in is a truly mercy work. I am also convinced that I received and experience more mercy and compassion from those I accompany than I could ever give.

Sr. Julia O'Gorman

Fraynework Enabled