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Religious Education

While the first Sisters of our Province came largely to staff Catholic Schools, sisters began to minister to a very large population who did not attend Catholic schools. Sisters, and others working in religious education today, face the difficult task of proclaiming the good news of Christ Jesus in such a way that it will be heard, accepted, and authentically understood in US culture. We live in a secular and materialistic society, which is often at odds with our Christian messages and values. The disintegration of the community and social structures that once supported religious faith and encouraged family life has been replaced by a media- and technology-driven culture that makes religious education especially difficult

Sisters who are Directors of Religious Education are responsible not just for the religious formation of public school students, they help in the formation and supervision of religious education volunteers.

The RCIA, - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is a process through which non-baptized men and women enter the Catholic Church. Formally approved in 1974, sisters, because of their education and training, were invited to become leaders in this very important program.

Mary Potter rsm, as Director of Religious Education, is responsible for the religious formation of more than five hundred and sixty children in Guardian Angels Parish, Santee, CA

Ambrose Cruise rsm is Director of Religious Education in San Jose Parish, Jacksonville, Florida

In following our charism to help the disadvantaged and marginalized, a number of sisters now minister teaching ESL – English as a Second Language. Many of our communities are in areas where there is great need for teaching English to recently arrived immigrants.

Noreen O’Connor rsm teaches English as a Second Language in Perris, CA

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