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Pastoral Care

We will nurture the hunger for God by journeying with others in prayer and compassion. - Direction Statement January 2007

Spiritual Direction

Prayer and spirituality are at the center of Mercy. Many sisters engage in ministries that assist others in their quest for God through spiritual direction. Spiritual direction is a time-honored term for a conversation, ordinarily between two persons, in which one person consults another, more spiritually experienced person about the ways in which God may be touching her or his life, directly or indirectly. Sisters also offer directed or private retreats and facilitate workshops and programs.

Eileen Rafferty rsm gives spiritual direction to a young man in Perris, CA


Sisters work in variety of settings in hospitals, retirement centers and homeless centers provideing pastoral services for persons of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds.

The role of the chaplain encompasses a full range of spiritual services, including a listening presence, help in dealing with powerlessness, pain, and alienation.

Chaplains assist people to change what can be changed and to cope positively and peacefully with that which cannot be altered. Some clients have indicated that that one of the most important chaplaincy functions is helping their family members with feelings associated with illness and hospitalization.

Mary Riordan rsm serves in the Hospital Auxiliary in Biloxi Regional Medical Center. She ministers to patients, families and staff in the Surgery Waiting Room.

Carmel Lohan rsm ministers as Chaplain in a very different setting. Father Joe's Village is a multi-city homeless rehabilitation organization dedicated to addressing the immediate and ongoing needs of underprivileged children, families and individuals who, for various reasons, have found themselves without basic life necessities. Father Joe's Village has developed a comprehensive array of programs clients can access to regain their self-sufficiency, including short- and long-term residential accommodations, job-training classes, counseling and chemical-dependency services as well as a full-service medical and dental clinic.

Providing pastoral to this very vulnerable population is a challenge for Carmel

Diocesan Pastoral Ministries

Sisters across our Province work in a variety of Diocesan Offices

Olive Murphy is the Diocesan Director of Religious Education in the Diocese of Santa Rosa

Mary Frances Coleman is Vicar for Religious in San Bernardino, CA

Parish Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral parish ministers direct outreach programs such as visiting the sick, assist in bereavement ministry, and manage food pantries. When active ministry is no longer possible, a sister will continue to minister through prayer and support services wherever she is.

De Lourdes O’Mahony rsm prepares sandwiches for the poor in Boca Raton, Florida

Camillus Gavigan rsm counts donations to the missions from students at Assumption School, San Bernardino, California

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