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Sr. Joyce  Oluoch


The desire to commit myself to a life of prayer and service to the poor drew me to religious life.  After secondary education I began to search for a congregation that would help me realise this desire for my life.

In my search I came across a book with the history of many women’s religious congregations in Kenya.  I spent time reading through the histories of these congregations.

The word Mercy touched me very deeply and filled me with so much enthusiasm to find out more about this congregation.  This was my first time to know about the Mercy Congregation.  They were not in our town.

I wrote to the Vocations Promoter expressing my desire to join them and asking plenty of questions.  Sr. Colette King replied to my letter with an invitation to visit Miguta.  Miguta was the formation house for postulants.


Nairobi and took me to Villa Maria, where the novices warmly welcomed me and I rested until Sr. Colette, Sr. Maria Ngui and Sr. Jennifer came for me in the afternoon.

We reached Miguta in the evening and I was glad to find another aspirant who had come to visit like myself.  There were four postulants and a number of sisters in the community. We stayed for a couple of days learning the Mercy way of life. During the visit I felt an inner peace within me, like as if this was where God wanted me to be.  I wasn’t sure how long the sisters would want me to wait before I joined them but deep within me I was determined to keep in touch with them until that time.   That is exactly what I did when I returned to my family.  I prayed a lot asking God to show me His will for me and to touch the hearts of my parents so that they may support me in following God’s will.

After some months I received an invitation letter from Sr. Colette to join the postulancy on the 15th June 1986.  I welcomed the invitation whole heartedly.  My father and mother both gave me their blessings to explore God’s call.

At the moment I am accompanying postulants and living in Ngarariga, Limuru, Kenya.

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