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A Poem for Catherine

“She did not take herself too seriously and her “mirth” her irrepressible joy was constantly in evidence in her fun poems, her good humour in defusing tense community situations, her capacity to make fun and to laugh especially at herself. As she matured this weaving of joy and pain was expressed through a profound trust in the Providence of God expressed so well in her Suscipe”.
Brenda Dolphin rsm, Postulator for the Cause

Pope Francis has asked the Church to celebrate 2015 as the year dedicated to Consecrated Life. The 25th anniversary of Catherine being declared Venerable also takes place in 2015. To coincide with this and Pope Francis’ love for ‘Mercy’, the Canonisation Committee invited Sisters, Associates, Circle of Mercy members and Together in Mercy members to write a poem about Catherine McAuley.

Many poems have been written and submitted and two poems will be published here each month, so please return again and again. Click on the title to download.

Mercy was her Pearl by Willimena Ayan rsm

Words for Catherine by Laurenza Kelly rsm

Fruit of Mercy by Catherine Wamboi rsm

Interview with Catherine McAuley by Assumpta McVeigh rsm

The Mercy Star by Brenda Peddigrew rsm

We are Yours for Time and Eternity by Laurenza Kelly rsm

Catherine by Alice Carroll

Venerable Catherine McAuley by Baptist Leen rsm

Catherine - Pearl of Great Price by Nancy Irwin

Pre-Dawn Plea to Catherine by Bina Hogan rsm

A Song for Catherine by Pat Crawley

Catherine McAuley - Woman of Mercy by Felistas King'ori rsm

Catherine McAuley - Abu by Sheila Costello rsm

Have a Cup of Tea by Pauline King'ori rsm

Reminiscing with Catherine by Noreen Foley rsm

Another Knock/Another Birth by Susan DeGuide rsm

Catherine's Rhymes by Bernadette Maria Knopek rsm




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