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Our Work

Pastoral Work

Shelter for homeless women and children

Retreat and conference centre, spiritual direction, complementary ministries

Education, shelter for abused and trafficked women, centre for justice, catechetics

Education, adult basic education, skills development centre, wellness clinic (HIV/AIDS), care of orphans and vulnerable children, nutrition centre

Johannesburg/St. Teresa’s, Rosebank
Education, antiretroviral AIDS clinic, care of orphans and vulnerable children, Personal human development, shelter for homeless people,
Johannesburg/St Catherine’s, Rosebank
Education, shelter for homeless people, small business development, social services advice bureau, basic Christian communities, ministry with people suffering with HIV/AIDS
Johannesburg/Desborough Avenue
Religious formation of new members, rooms for private retreats for sisters, facility to cater for capacity building workshops with groups
Education, nutrition centre, shelter for homeless people, prison visitation, parish catechetic, pastoral work, music centre

Skills development centre, adult basic education, HIV/AIDS clinic, nutrition centre, social services advice bureau, prison visitation, dental clinic, care of orphans and vulnerable children

Provincial House
Leadership of the Province


Fraynework Enabled