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Prison Ministry

As part of the on-going ministry of the Sisters of Mercy in Minna, there has always been a steady flow of Sisters visiting the nearby prisons.

A second prison about 5 miles from here was also opened. Prisoners are permitted out of cells for services on Sunday morning and evening. The churches built a shelter out of the sun and rain for the old prison religious services. The new prisons use an all-purpose building for theirs. It’s always good to go to the prisons. Both officers and inmates are very welcoming and happy to see a Mercy Sister.

Usually, input is given at services or through visits to each cell to meet prisoners. Church bulletins, literature and other magazines are distributed, which they love to receive. The Legion of Mary have been helpful in the past visiting the old prison but it has been difficult to visit to the new prison consistently.

There are medical services in the prisons and the Capacitar programme is encouraged.

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