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St. Theresa's Primary School

St. Theresa’s Primary School is a Catholic Primary School under the management of the Catholic Diocese of Yola. The school was set up to cater for and help the ordinary and less privileged parents to provide a good basic education for their children. The Sisters of Mercy run the school in collaboration with the Diocese and parents. More>>

St.Peter's Primary School

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St. Peter’s Nursery/Primary school is situated in the centre of a network of little villages, twenty minutes’ drive from Minna city in Niger State. It is a rural school attached to St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Maikunkele. It is one of a network of Catholic Nursery /Primary schools within the Catholic Diocese of Minna under the patronage of the Diocese. The Sisters of Mercy have been involved in this school from its beginning in 1995 and continue to minister there with generosity and compassion.

‘The Piped Pipers’
St. Peter’s Pupils, Maikunkele


Reading Adventure Programme

The Reading Adventure Programme that has been launched in St. Peter’s School sets out to capture the interest of the pupils. Difficulties for the educationally challenged are many: diet, not enough rest, lack of sleep, extreme weather conditions, emotional upset, discipline, general health and spoken language. More>>

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