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Community Rural Development

Wauru-Jabbe, Yola South, is situated on the present periphery of the city – an amalgam of a rural area and an urban sprawl where houses seem to be sprouting up like ‘mushrooms in July. The Fulani and their herds of lovely cattle paint the most picturesque scenes in the village commons.

People with engaging tribal names continue to flock into the area – there are at least forty tribes in Wauru-Jabbe from Bachima to Verre! All express interest in development but finding the immediate necessities of life takes precedence. Politics, too, is a kind of an all-pervading maverick wizard that dictates the pace of things throughout the country.

Mercy aspirations for engaging with rural development run something like this:
• facilitating communications and developing a vision for development;

• planning for accountability and necessary on-going training for leaders and animators within the community.


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