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There is a girl out there who needs you.



"Whether it is early child marriages, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Selective Abortions or lack of access to education, girls are at risk both at home and in society, in the workplace and in all societies, large and small, and this is particularly so during conflicts.

Girl who needs you

No longer can any of us ignore the stark issues of violence against the girl child, and I am extremely grateful to The Partnership for Global Justice at the United Nations for making this publication possible".
Bishop Desmond Tutu 

There Is A Girl Out There Who Needs You
cost $3 or €2 and is available from: 

The Partnership for Global Justice
211 East 43rd Street, #708. NY 10017
or by contacting Sr. Deirdre Mullan

Download the flyer here


Partnership for Global Justice

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