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Sacred the Hour. The Rosary Story in Mystery

7.95  EURO


Sacred the Hour, by Anna Burke rsm is a meditation on the Rosary, the great prayer of Mary.  Through a series of reflections we are drawn into the mysteries of the Rosary and invited to pause in a moment of time to hear again the unfolding plan of God.  As Jesus opened his arms to draw all people to God’s love, so Mary draws us to Jesus in the Rosary, the prayer of families and the prayer of nations.  As we hold the sacred hours we are aware of the dream of God guiding our time, guiding all time.

Sacred the Hour

In Sacred the Hour, each mystery is presented with an individual theme to provide an outline for one hour of prayer.  The traditional ‘holy hour’ is still part of parish prayer life and this resource will be very useful both for individual and for communal prayer.

Each theme can be creatively enhanced if desired by music, song and visuals as the liturgical season informs us.  The reflections also stand on their own as inspirational material for many types of prayer ministry.

Anna Burke is a Sister of Mercy who works in faith development and pastoral renewal at diocesan level.  She has many years of experience in parish ministry and has also worked as a teacher and a school chaplain. This is her first book. The proceeds of Sacred the Hour will go towards assisting people who are economically poor.

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Author: Sr Anna Burke
Published by Veritas

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