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Refugees & Asylum Seekers "The Asylum Process In Ireland"

15.00  EURO


The aim of the DVD is to debunk many of the myths and misinformation surrounding Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Ireland.   It examines the arrival of Asylum Seekers in Ireland.   It explains the process that people seeking recognition of their refugee status in Ireland go through.   It seeks to challenge and banish many of the myths that abound in Ireland at the moment.   It also highlights the work of Irish World Music Centre that involves musicians from all over the world, the Department of Sociology which is investigating the response of the Irish media to recent inward migration and DORAS Luimni's involvement in supporting and providing services to Refugees, Asylum Seekers and to a lesser extent Migrant Workers.

Doras Luimni DVD

For more information and to order copies of the DVD contact dorasluimni@eircom.net or annscullymjo@eircom.net


Doras Luimni/Mark McGlynn

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