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The Southern Province of Ireland stretches along the southern and south-eastern coast of the country, taking in the counties of Kerry, Cork, Waterford, Kilkenny and Wexford as well as parts of Tipperary and Laois.

The province also has sisters working in our mission area in Peru as well as in England, Chile and India.

The sisters in the province meet every six years to reflect on their lives, to elect a new leadership team and to set a direction and goals for the subsequent six years. One such meeting took place in January 2007 and the Statement (see end of document) from that gathering underpins their way of life for the coming years. The direction of the Statement concerns the need to engage with the deeper questions of today's reality.

Provincial Leadership Team of the Southern Province

From left to right: Srs. Miriam Kerrisk (Provincial Leader), Veronica Mangan, Clare O'Reilly, Nora Flynn and Nora Anne Lombard


Convent of Mercy Charleville

Convent of Mercy Charleville - the first foundation in the province

The Sisters of Mercy first came to this part of Ireland in 1838, with the opening of a convent in Charleville (1836). The Order spread rapidly and, as in other part of the country, a Mercy Convent became a feature of the landscape of many towns and villages as well as the larger cities. These included Cork City (1837), Wexford Town (1840), Killarney (1844), Kinsale (1844), Mallow (1845), Waterford City, New Ross (1853), Tralee (1854), Callan (1872), Borris (1873), Carrick-on-Suir (1874).

Today a number of these large buildings have closed and an increasing number of sisters are living in conventional houses.

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2007 Chapter Statement Sisters of Mercy, Southern Province

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