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Our Ministries

Click on the images below to read about the ministries of the Sisters of Mercy in the Southern Province

A town is what we are making for.
Gaze round you. It might be here where two roads cross or
some where over the (b)ridge where empty fields await our coming ...
No signposts name it yet or point directions....
(“Between Towns” by David Malouf)

For the past 150 years Sisters of Mercy have been primarily involved in formal education, healthcare and childcare and informally in home visitation and family support. Following the societal changes of the 1960’s and 1970’s an increasing number of Sisters left for mission work abroad or retrained for involvement in youth work, addiction treatment, social services, psychotherapy, family therapy and prayer ministry.

Our most recent Congregational Chapter Statement encourages us to“refocus our Mercy mission and commit our lives and resources to the alleviation of extreme poverty in all its forms, acting collaboratively at local and global levels”

This involves the Sisters crossing many bridges and journeying between towns and ministries.



Fraynework Enabled