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Our Work

You will find us in schools, both primary and secondary and in third level education.

You may meet us helping to organise homework clubs for less privileged children.

Some of us teach literacy skills to adults and language skills to refugees.

Others help to foster independence and self reliance among poorer women in particular through courses in family centres, counselling, and prayer centres throughout the province.

You will find us caring for the sick in hospitals and in the community as public health nurses, counsellors and therapists and alternative healing practitioners.

You may meet us visiting the elderly, the housebound, the sick and lonely or those in prison as sisters and as chaplains.

We are concerned with issues of justice, some of us work actively to promote justice through our work, through lobbying, we are all part of the endeavour at some level.

Our business is to be wherever there is a gap in caring for others as Catherine was and we continue always to strive for her ideals.

You will meet us at prayer and at work in locations as diverse as small country villages and large cities.



Spirituality - Mercy Associates - Mercy Centre, Coolock


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