27 March 2017

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  • My Iona Experience

    Thomas Merton pointed out that, “spiritual practice is not about an idea or a concept of God. It is about seeking the experience of presence”. I feel it was this search for “an experience of presence” that finally moved me to visit Iona ...

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  • Auschwitz Retreat Experience

    As we walked the “Way of the Cross” in Birkenau the old idea of “Stations” was shattered and a seismic movement of change happened as we were faced with the real life experience of the modern stations.

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  • Mercy Pilgrimage to Auschwitz

    The first morning (Friday) was spent in Auschwitz 1 where Renata, our guide, led us through the camp and described the different harrowing aspects of camp life. We spent moments in prayer in the cell in which St. Maximilian Kolbe died.

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For all we need to pray for at this time

  • Sr. Peter Doyle

    Mercy has always been a presence in my life. The sisters were very active in the Parish as I was growing up and I spent my primary school years at the local convent school.

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