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Making medicinesThe sisters currently working in the mission community in Brazil live in two locations, Campina Grande and Joao Pessoa .The sisters live among the poorest of the poor, amidst extreme deprivation.

In the spirit of Catherine McAuley they seek to be women of faith , manifesting the feminine merciful God , engaging in spiritual direction and reflection with individuals and groups of women.

They work closely with women in the favelas and have set up groups where women learn skills for coping with their own lives and those of their families. Women learn to make and avail of natural medicines and deal with the problems of prevention and management of HIV.


CAPTION: (Making medicines)

The sisters work with women and men in the field of adult literacy and the setting up of self help programmes, recycling waste materials from the city dumps.

They also work to prevent teenage prostitution in a programme named 'Menina Feliz' or 'Oasis'.

CAPTIONS: Left - Right
Photo 1 - Women's Group, Photo 2 - Salvaging Project , Photo 3 - Brushes made from salvage from the dump

Where we work

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