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Our Story

The newest branch from the Mercy tree South Central Province.

Our song is:

Vira o dia em que todos
Ao levenater a vista
Veremus nesta terra
Reinar a liberdada.

May the day come when we will see the reign of freedom, sharing, justice in this land.

(Poster by Emilson Batista)


Who we are

We, Miriam , Gabrielle and Celine live in the North east of Brazil, a nine State region with 45 million people.

We live and work in the State of Paraiba the second poorest state in the country. Here over 47 percent of the people live in misery - over a quarter of the state's 3.3. million residents have no income.

Each year Paraiba experiences severe drought conditions which have worsened in recent years due to the effects of El Nino and La Nina. Rural farmers are constantly seeking refuge in larger cities like Joao Pessoa and Campina Grande.

Fraynework Enabled