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Ideas for teachers and students to use in celebrating Mercy Day on September 24th


This Mercy Anthem was composed by Liam Lawton to commemorate the twenty-first anniversary of Holy Family Girl's School, Askea, Carlow, Ireland. Liam kindly agreed to have it recorded it so that Mercy Schools (and other Mercy institutions) might use it in the context of celebrating and preserving their ethos and traditions into the future.

The music and lyrics beautifully capture the key values of Mercy outlook - care, concern and action for those who do not have a fair chance in life or a fair share in the resources of our society.

'A Better Way' is performed by Askea Girl's Choir Past and Present.
Soloist: Triona Moriarty

Reproduced with permission

Copies of the CD 'A Better Way' are available in the Mercy International Centre Gift Shop, Mercy International Centre, 64A Baggot Street, Dublin 2.

Daring to be Different
Download a pdf of "Daring to be Different" - a book by Anne Reid about Catherine McAuley, written especially for primary school pupils. Reproduced with permission.

Daring To Be Different (241k)

Prayer Service for Mercy Day
This link takes you to the Mercy World website where a Prayer Service for Mercy Day has been made available by a Sisters of Mercy from the UK

Ideas for celebrating Mercy Day
This link brings you to a series of ideas for celebrating Mercy Day on September 24th. It also has information about resources on Catherine McAuley and where to order them.

Our Foundress, Catherine McAuley
This link will take you to the Mercy International Association website where the story of our Foundress Catherine McAuley is written by Mary C. Sullivan rsm, who has written extensively on Catherine

'Your ever affectionate McAuley'
Why make a CD on the letters of someone who died in 1841? The answer is very simple. Catherine McAuley’s humanity shines through every letter. Listen for yourself and you too will find that the letters reveal a delightfully affectionate woman; a compassionate, persistent servant of the poor; an astute business woman; an unpretentious and humorous friend; a truly loving woman who opened her heart to God and her hands to the people around her; a woman who suffered but survived. A woman like any woman; a woman for all times and seasons.
Available from the Communications Office, 13/14 Moyle Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 22. Cost €10
Contact Ailish O'Brien rsm

Circle of Mercy DVD
A reflection DVD on the work of the Sisters of Mercy throughout the world. Duration 5 mins. Available from the Communications Office, 13/14 Moyle Park,
Clondalkin, Dublin 22. Cost €8



Mercy and Justice Shall Meet CD ROM.
This is an amazing resource combining the best in digital capability with the power of story-telling. Available from the Communications Office, 13/14 Moyle Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 22. Cost €30




Prayer Cards and Bookmarks
Attractive Prayer Cards and Bookmarks featuring the logo for the Canonisation of Catherine McAuley. The prayer cards and bookmarks come in three types with either the text of the Suscipe, Prayer for the Sick or the Prayer for the Beatification of Catherine. Available from Sr Anne Hannon, Riverside, Birr, Co. Offaly.
Tel: 057 9125951
Mobile: 086 0812439



The little book of Catherine of Dublin
Quotations of Venerable Catherine McAuley. Cost – €3.
Available from Mercy International Centre Shop, 64A Baggot Street, Dublin 2
Tel: 01 6618061

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